If you’re in real estate, you understand the significance of relationships in this business – with your peers, clients, vendors, opponents.Everyone you know can be a potential lead if you handle this right! Every moment you’re relating with somebody, you’re essentially creating a customer experience. And this is why it’s critical to bring CRM into your real estate business. You see, successful customer relationships do not happen by accident. However, there is a clever method to this madness. And CRM – Customer Relationship Management software for real estate can help you consistently deliver high-quality results.

This blog explores CRM.io, the leading app for all real estate agencies.

Here Is The Number 1 CRM For Real Estate Agencies:

Introducing CRM.io

CRM.io is an online software app that can be easily implemented on your PC, laptop, tab, and smartphone. It is also a part of Infinity, a larger suite of digital applications by 500apps. Other valuable tools in this series include software for project management and collaboration, productivity optimization, sales and marketing, human resources and recruitment, online support, real estate, and plenty more. As you will discover later in this blog, CRM.io is also a doorway to a larger suite of fantastically useful digital products!

Why CRM.io is THE Best CRM for Real Estate

When you think of online tools, you may expect a particular type of service – like a news feed or calendar management. Here, you’ll be gleefully surprised to know that CRM.io has failed this expectation! Instead, this tiny yet mighty tool is a full-fledged software application, offering an expansive set of must-have CRM features.

Here are the highlights.

1.Lead management is the #1 reason for real estate Ninjas investing in CRM.io!

2.Contact management, so you can track and organize all your associations.

3.Account management, customized for each contact.

4.Deals management, which provides a centralized system to seamlessly organize and run your real estate deals.

5.Sales management, including automation of key tasks for higher productivity, and quick reports featuring visual analytics so you can make the best decisions.

6.Documentation management, so you are no longer hassled with messy paperwork.

7.Task management, as this app doubles up as a project management tool.

8.CRM Telephony. A successful real estate agent accomplishes a lot on the go. This tool will help you make and attend calls easily, so you can multitask like a pro!

In the end, every business is unique. CRM.io honors this truth, and factors a customization feature to align perfectly with your real estate business.

Things Real Estate Companies Must Consider in a CRM

A thriving real estate company will have multiple agents operating the software. CRM.io for real estate facilitates this with ease, as it includes the following factors that are critical for digital success.

Simple, interactive, and intuitive interface for a fuss-free customer experience. You don’t want to invest in software that needs you to invest in complex training additionally! Streamlined workflow management so all your agents can simultaneously provide inputs and receive updates without confusion.

things real estate companies must consider in <a href='customer-relationship-management'>customer relationship management</a>

Secure login that works with multiple interfaces. With this, your agents on the road can rest easy to have constant access to updated information.

Automation features to get repetitive yet critical tasks done on time and without error. Secure integration with external software. CRM.io for real estate can safely run on your computer/ smartphone to integrate with other collaborative apps (like email and messaging).

Flexible pricing, so your business is not inadvertently locked into a long contract for unused features!

24/7 dev-support team, so your agents never find themselves lost due to technical issues. As you can see, CRM.io has strategically been designed to be real-estate friendly in the most comprehensive way!

Ready to Close More Deals & Streamline Sales Process with CRM.io?

Lead Generation is Key

“You are OUT of business if you don’t have a prospect!” This intense quote was made by renowned author Zig Ziglar, a marketing genius and potent salesman in his own right. This is also the mantra of many an agent, where the real estate business is a constant and continuous hustle.

People = relationships = potential leads.

Follow up with leads = business = customers.

Rinse. Repeat.

The trick lies in managing this hustle in a highly productive manner.

CRM.io for real estate is your able partner in this hustle, as it comes loaded with an extensive solution for lead generation. Here are the highlights.

Add new leads/ contacts using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface with custom fields. If you have a pre-existing list of contacts, you can quickly import them into CRM.io using a CSV file format.

Capture new leads through CRM.io for real estate features like website integration, telephony, and emails. All leads can be viewed using Kanban-style views, using visual analytics for quick decision-making. Organize all your contacts into multiple lists for customized engagement.

Assign tasks to contacts/ lists, and set timely reminders. You can also assign agents tasks, share information with multiple users, follow up on reminders, mark tasks as complete to move the workflow forward, and more.

Monitor timelines for lead generation workflow. This can be fed into the tool’s project management features, so you can track progress and optimize at every step.

As with every customer-facing business, contact management drives lead management, which drives higher sales. In CRM.io for real estate, all symbiotic fields are seamlessly coupled so you can easily manage the entire workflow without hassle.

Customer Satisfaction

In real estate, the client experience ultimately drives your business. A satisfied customer can bring in business through word of mouth, while a disgruntled customer can cause tremendous harm to your reputation. CRM.io provides an extensive list of features to strategically nurture your leads to translate them into happy customers for repeat business. The software’s account management features further strengthen this workflow.

things real estate companies must consider for customer satisfaction

With this, you can: Create a separate (customer) account for individual leads or companies. Assign tags to accounts/ leads and assign a strategic set of tasks to convert them into customers (like follow-up calls or invite to upcoming auctions).

Track a list of all services delivered to a particular account (including status, timeline, and cost).

Integrate results with Sales management features for repeat business.


In closing, CRM.io for real estate is a powerhouse app that can deliver outstanding results for your real estate business. In addition, it comes with a flexible pricing plan as follows.

Completely free for up to 10 users. This is fantastic for new businesses with a tight budget. You can also use this to test-drive CRM.io features for your growing business before you buy the entire suite.

Under $15 ($14.99) for the entire Infinity suite. At present, this includes 39 valuable digital apps even as the team adds new features every day. 500apps also promise their customers “free new apps” when they get added to the suite. (Yay, no extra pay for upgrades!)

If you are on the lookout for an all-in-one CRM tool to strengthen your real estate business, visit CRM.io to kick start your prolific journey now!

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