Account Management Software

to win customers in a strategic way

Maintain and track the information of potential customers using simplified account management software. Make the teams collaborative, stay organized and manage the sales accordingly.

Account Management Software

Track Companies with Account Management

Organize the customer data, Keep track of companies, and quickly sort the data using filters

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customizable options

Customizable Options

View the information that is required. Use the custom filters while looking for the behavior of an organization belonging to the respective potential client and their needs.

company database management

Company Database Management

Add additional information like Notes, Documents, Tags and Deals to a Company. Also, select the grid view style of companies that are your potential customers.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add a new field whenever you need to capture a new input from your customers or edit an existing field's content. Add, delete, and edit custom fields as per the changing business needs.



Add efficiency in maintaining the customer data for analyzing the business insights. Our CRM application provides flexibility to map the related records to a particular company or customer.

What is Account Management Software?

Account Management feature helps businesses manage their clients, prospects, and leads. It also helps the customer service teams with service requests. This feature is used to track prospects and accounts throughout the lifetime of a product or service. The system will be able to show what services were delivered, when they were delivered, and how much they cost. Grow your sales using Account Management feature of this CRM Software.

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