Pipeline Management Software

to manage sales team

Customize your sales pipeline to make customer engagement and sales tracking simpler. With pipeline management, you can organize and track your various sales and customer interactions.

Pipeline Management Software

Track Sales with Pipeline Management

Add stages, team members, and other fields to the drag-and-drop pipelines as needed

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custom filters

Custom Filters

Filter your search by any field, category, or tag to find out how well your marketing campaign is performing and identify where your pipeline may need to make some changes.

pipeline analytics

Pipeline Analytics

Tag, Filter, and Sort your deals by category, potential value, or expected close date. Pipeline Analytics helps you display how many deals are open at a specific time and their status.



Get in-depth insights into your deals by monitoring what they're doing in real-time. As a result, you'll be able to work with sales reps more productively and can take appropriate action quickly.

What is Pipeline Management?

Pipeline management is an essential aspect of CRM. It is the process of turning raw data into useful information. It works by using a system to track customer interactions and convert them into meaningful data that can be analyzed for insights on customer behavior. Pipeline management software can be used for lead nurturing, email campaigns, sales automation, marketing automation, and more.

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