Pipeline Management

to track progress of sales

Customize the various stages involved in the sales pipeline as per the needs of your business, right from lead capture to the closure of deals, thereby simplifying customer engagement and sales.

Pipeline Management

Manage Your Deals With Ease Using Pipeline Management

Streamline your workflow, prioritize tasks, and make better decisions to maximize the success of your sales

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custom stages

Custom Stages

Create customizable pipelines according to the needs of your sales process. Stay organized and track each and every stage of your lead, contacts, and deals.

default stages

Default Stages

Consists of system-generated default pipelines that include the various stages of sales process. Assists businesses in tracking the stages, identifying bottlenecks, and improving conversions.

kanban board

Kanban Board

Visualize the lead and deal stages in a Kanban view. It assists teams in tracking progress, prioritizing tasks, and managing customer relationships.

What is Pipeline Management?

Pipeline management in CRM software is a feature that allows sales teams to manage and track the progress of sales opportunities from lead to close. It streamlines the entire sales process by providing visibility into the entire workflow and allowing teams to focus on the most important opportunities. Additionally, it helps sales reps identify trends and opportunities to maximize sales efficiency, and provides valuable insights into customer behaviour and sales results.

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