Task Management in CRM

to create and track tasks

Add tasks and assign them to the right team member. Set the task’s type, due date and category, and associate the tasks to appropriate leads, contacts.

Task Management in CRM

Create Tasks to Leads in Task Management

Add a task, organize the tasks by priority, and make sure deadlines are met

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add tasks

Add Tasks

Create tasks assign them to appropriate leads, contacts and deals. The task will show up when looking at a particular lead, contact or deal.

task priority

Task Priority

Set priorities to the tasks according to their importance, and then keep track of which ones you've completed. This feature allows you to stay on top of what's essential.

status check

Status Check

Check on the status of your tasks, and finish them on time, then move them to the completed list. To prioritize better, you can also filter and view all overdue and high-priority tasks at one place.

What is Task Management in CRM?

Task management in CRM software tracks ongoing tasks and assigns them to specific individuals or groups, this increases collaboration across teams.

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