Built-In CRM Telephony

to make calls part of your sales process

Take customer interaction to the next level with CRM.io's industry-leading telephony capabilities. Make calls, log calls, get call analytics, call reminders in CRM telephony.

Built-In CRM Telephony

Use CRM Telephony to Connect with People Effortlessly

Take customer interaction to the next level with CRM.io's industry-leading telephony feature

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Connect with your contacts in a click making it exceptionally convenient for communication and collaboration.

outbound calls

Outbound Calls

Make phone calls directly from CRM.io! Click the call icon while viewing your leads and contacts to initiate a call. Our system will walk you through the entire call process and provide you with all the tools you'll need to make a successful call.

call reminders

Call Reminders

Keep track of which calls you should make. CRM.io assists with this process by letting you set reminders for upcoming calls and notifying you when they occurred.

call analytics

Call Analytics

Use the call analytics feature to evaluate your sales team's performance and encourage them to improve. Built-in charts and reports aid in the visualization of call data.

call logging

Call Logging

Keep track of the calls your team takes with the Call Log feature, where you can add notes and create follow-up tasks. This feature will allow you to stay on top of which conversations need follow-ups and hold your team accountable.

call scripts

Call Scripts

Add a script to note down some key points or some data to read out during the call. Activate the text-to-speech feature for these scripts by selecting the appropriate option for each prospect.

How is CRM Telephony useful in CRM?

Telephony is the technology that enables a CRM system's audio and communications functions. CRM software often has features such as call logging, call recording and outgoing call management. CRM Telephony is an integral part of CRM.io and manages all incoming and outgoing calls on the system.

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