Built-In CRM Telephony

to make calls part of your sales process

Utilize CRM.io's industry-leading telephony capabilities to elevate customer interaction to the next level. Stay connected with your customers by simply clicking the call icon.

Built-In CRM Telephony

Unlock Seamless and Streamlined Communication with CRM Telephony

Take customer interaction to the next level with CRM.io's industry-leading telephony feature

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Connect with your contacts in a click making it exceptionally convenient for communication and collaboration.

configure pbxplus

Configure PBXPlus

Connect the CRM software to your phone system to facilitate sales and support teams to make calls and interact with your prospective and existing customers.

outbound calls

Outbound Calls

Make phone calls directly from CRM.io! Click the call icon while viewing your leads and contacts to initiate a call. Obtain thorough instructions throughout the entire call process.

How is CRM Telephony useful in CRM?

CRM telephony is a feature in CRM software that enables businesses to integrate their phone systems with their customer relationship management system. This allows businesses to track and monitor their customer interactions, such as inbound and outbound calls, and use the data to inform their customer service strategies. Additionally, CRM telephony can help businesses to identify potential sales opportunities, as well as quickly route customers to the right person, department, or support resources.

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