sales analytics and dashboards

Sales Analytics and Dashboards

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Sales Analytics software to make informed decisions and optimize your customer relationship management strategy.

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Easy, intelligent sales reporting

Enjoy unlimited insight into your sales results and processes with easy, insightful, and actionable sales dashboard and reports.

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deals reports

Deals Reports

Easily monitor incoming deals—over different time periods and from different sources—to ensure a healthy and consistent flow of new business. Get an at-a-glance view of sales performance with instant sales reports on won and lost deals. With the lost-deal analysis report, gain valuable insights into why deals failed and potential opportunities for sales process improvement.

user reports

User Reports

Gain valuable insights into sales force performance and individual sales rep efficiency with user activity reports. With,monitor sales activities that your sales team has completed over a given time period, such as phone calls, emails, tasks, deals, etc. Use this information to fine tune each sales rep’s performance, streamline the sales process, and drive more sales.

sales forecast

Sales Forecast

Have an accurate idea of your future revenue with’s predictive analytics. Based on your sales pipeline activity like the number and value of deals in the pipeline and the rate your sales reps usually close them,project your future revenue and close rates. Know how your revenue is going to look in the next week, month, and quarter with our accurate and reliable sales forecasting report.

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