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Get a comprehensive contacts and accounts management, a pipeline management, a sales analytics, and powerful sales automation; all in one place.

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Sell faster, better, and smarter.

  • Sell more effectively with a 360° view of contacts.

  • Effortlessly manage deals with visual sales pipelines.

  • Drive sales force efficiency with easily automated workflows.

  • Optimize strategies and tactics with smart analytics.

best crm software

Lead Management

Capture, nurture, and measure the likelihood of your leads becoming potential buyers. Ensure proper follow-up to guide them through the sales pipeline towards conversion.

lead management
lead creation

Lead Creation

Import leads from either a CSV file or by creating manually. View them in Kanban style to see the lead's progress and identify bottlenecks.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add Custom Fields to a lead based on the needs of a business. Customize the entries to suit your business's changing dynamics.

timeline views

Timeline Views

Display the date, time, and the activity being done on a specific lead using Timeline functionality. This helps teams to keep a tab on their progress.

create notes & tags

Create Notes & Tags

Add information to a lead like documents and notes, categorize it with tags, and filter the lead to show what you want.

kanban view

Kanban View

A Kanban view is a visual tool that helps you see your work process and overall workload at a glance. you can better understand your workflow and make necessary adjustments to optimize your productivity.

Find out more about Lead Management

Contact Management

Get a single, holistic view of all your contacts and their activity. Build and nurture strong relationships and effectively manage their journey through the sales funnel towards conversion to close more deals.

contact management
add contacts

Add Contacts

Add contacts manually, import them via CSV upload, or import them from other sources and categorize them accordingly.

detailed view

Detailed View

Get the timeline view of all the activities to understand the communication and take relevant steps.

track activity history

Track Activity History

See everything about a contact at one place and get insight into their contact information, communication history, associated tags, etc.

export & import

Export & Import

Apply advanced filters, get in-depth information, analyze databases, edit contacts, and much more at a faster rate.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to Contacts to obtain all relevant information based on business needs. Fields can be edited or added as needed.

Find out more about Contact Management

Deal Management

Track and manage the progress of your deals with an intuitive, interactive pipeline visualization using Deal Management feature. Create multiple pipelines, each with its own relevant deal stages based on your needs.

deal management
manage & track

Manage & Track

Create multiple sales pipelines, each with its relevant milestones, to effortlessly cater to your needs. Empower your team to capture the progress of every deal.

product management

Product Management

Manage all of the products related to a deal. Set pricing for your products, as well as the currency in which they are being sold.

360° views

360° Views

Enable the teams to track every deal perfectly with Grid, list, Kanban views. We have designed to view the deals as per the user’s flexibility.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add, edit, or delete fields for deals based on their business requirements. The functionality of custom fields results in more information.

kanban view

Kanban View

You can visualise your process and make it easier to grasp with the help of the Kanban view. Moreover, you can pinpoint any inefficient workflows and improve team productivity.

Find out more about Deal Management

Account Management

Get more strategic in your sales pursuits with an all-inclusive accounts’ view. Work collaboratively with your team to effectively manage key company accounts and their stakeholders, make rapid progress, and close more deals.

account management
customizable options

Customizable Options

Explore the needs and behaviors of an organization belonging to a potential client. Use filters for exploring needs and behaviors.

company database management

Company Database Management

Add notes, documents, tags, and deals to your company. You can also use the grid view style to see all of the companies in one go.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add custom fields that best suit your business needs. Customize the entries as per the changing dynamics of your business.



Provides flexibility to map the related records to a particular company or customer.

Find out more about Account Management

Sales Automation

Automate sales workflows—from repetitive, everyday tasks to complex business processes—with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Free up your time to make more sales.

sales automation
webhook triggers

Webhook Triggers

Use the webhooks feature to send real-time data embedded in 3rd party applications, and trigger them when a change in CRM is initiated.

drag-and-drop editor

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Automate complex sales workflows with just a few clicks. Drag and drop conditions and actions from the available options to the visual workflow builder.

customized workflows

Customized Workflows

Change the workflows anytime to a flexible structure that is best for the requirements.

one-to-many access

One-to-Many Access

Create sophisticated workflows in minutes by selecting appropriate nodes, configuring their properties, and connecting them.

Find out more about Sales Automation

Sales Analytics

Bring your sales metrics to life with visual, interactive reports and dashboards. Gain insights into sales performance, forecast future sales, optimize your sales process, and make strategic decisions.

sales analytics


Get a comprehensive view of the sales process, from lead generation to revenue generation, at one place through centralized dashboards.



Obtain all reports in the form of graphical views related to various activities performed in CRM software. This can assist in making well-informed decisions.



Predict the future revenue based on present and past actions. Reports and dashboards help forecast the future growth of the company.

Find out more about Sales Analytics

Document Management

Make the best use of the enhanced document functionality with which the recipients can easily save, tag and sort the documents, including documents sent to your team from a prospect.

document management
add documents

Add Documents

Attach a document to your dashboard detailing each contract negotiation with a particular company, contact or deal.

multi-format support

Multi-Format Support

Upload and store any documents in multiple formats supported such as PNG, PDF, JPEG, CSV.

preview & download

Preview & Download

Allow access to other users to preview and download the documents that are added to specific leads easily.

Find out more about Document Management

CRM Telephony

Make and take calls directly through, and track the results of each call against deals. Users can also view call histories for each record, ensuring that they don't miss previous conversations.

crm telephony


Connect with your contacts in a single click, making it incredibly simple to communicate and work together.

outbound calls

Outbound Calls

Make phone calls directly from! Simply click the call icon while viewing your leads or contacts to initiate a call.

call reminders

Call Reminders

Maintain track of all the calls you need to make. allows you to set call reminders and receive notifications when a call is missed.

call analytics

Call Analytics

Receive regular analytics reports on the calls your team performs. This will help you keep updated with tracking responsibilities, demos and your sales pipeline.

call logging

Call Logging

Keep track of all your users' calls with real-time call logs by adding notes and creating follow-up tasks, which will help you stay on track and hold your team accountable.

call scripts

Call Scripts

Add one or more scripts to note down the key points or some data to read out during the phone call. Enable text-to-speech for these scripts by selecting appropriate one for each prospect.

Find out more about CRM Telephony

Task Management

Create new tasks and assign them to the appropriate team members. Set the task's type, due date, and category, and link it to relevant leads and contacts. Sort the tasks based on priority, due date, owner, and status of the tasks.

task management
add tasks

Add Tasks

Add and assign tasks for various companies, leads, contacts and deals, and track the status progress. Keep your entire team updated.

task priority

Task Priority

Prioritize the tasks based on the level of importance. Monitor the priority tasks assigned and complete them at the right time.

status check

Status Check

Monitor the status of your tasks and attend to them in time. Filter and view tasks that are overdue or high-priority at one place.

Find out more about Task Management

CRM Customizations

Modify and create custom views as needed to meet the needs of your business. Custom fields, buttons, and layouts can be used to collect varied information from prospects.

crm customizations
page layouts

Page Layouts

Use page layouts to get a good visual representation of the data that suits your needs. Get a clear understanding of how the team is progressing through a lead.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Customize the system with custom fields and also store information that doesn't fit into the standard modules and field offerings of

advanced filters

Advanced Filters

Create custom views and easily filter your CRM data to focus on the essential prospects or leads using the CRM customizations.

optional leads module

Optional Leads Module

Capture and maintain lead records as an optional module. It could be enabled or disabled as per business type

custom stages

Custom Stages

Customize your lead, contact, and deal stages to reflect the needs of different parts of your business.

Find out more about CRM Customizations

Email Integration

Archive all customer communications to quickly find and review prior interactions. Handle all customer interactions without needing to switch between user interface windows and boost sales productivity.

email integration
improve response rates

Improve Response Rates

Integrate with Gmail and sync all of the customer emails, send automated emails to their customers, which can be helpful in keeping customers updated on important deals, progress, and sales documents.

email tracking

Email Tracking

Create email templates based on your criteria using simple text or HTML format, and then send email notifications based on your events.

leverage automation

Leverage Automation

Create custom schedules and automatically send emails at specific times based on past interactions. Schedule emails to ensure that customers never miss vital messages and keep customers engaged.

Find out more about Email Integration

Built-in Project Management

Monitor the status and progress of multiple projects in real-time in a streamlined and efficient way. Understand the progress of each project and improve it accordingly.

built-in project management


Coordinate between teams and stay updated on project completion status in a seamless manner.

effortless project management

Effortless Project Management

Keep your team productive and motivated by breaking your project down into smaller chunks with tasks and sprints.

project reporting

Project Reporting

Get a comprehensive overview of multiple projects and organize projects based on priority, status and deadline.

Find out more about Built-in Project Management

Pipeline Management

Perform deep analysis on any deal to get an understanding of its progress, see what tasks are necessary and what actions you can take. will give automatic alerts according to the health of the deal so you can focus your attention on grabbing more deals.

pipeline management
custom filters

Custom Filters

Filter your results by any field, category, and tag to see how well your marketing campaign is performing and identify areas for improvement.

pipeline analytics

Pipeline Analytics

Display deals by category, potential value, or expected close date using pipeline analytics. You can also filter and sort deals by status.



Get in-depth insights into your deals to help you work with them more productively. Monitor what they're doing in real time, so you can save time looking up reports.

Find out more about Pipeline Management

CRM Reporting

Break down every aspect of your data by analyzing with powerful cohort reports, conversion reports, and advanced analytics so you can go beyond the standard CRM reporting.

crm reporting
custom reports

Custom Reports

Create custom reports based on your criteria using Filter by time, segments, etc. in order to compare metrics.

funnel and cohort analysis

Funnel and Cohort Analysis

Use the visualizations to see where the leads are in the sales funnel. Drill down to see what is happening at different stages of qualification & conversion.

visual charts and graphs

Visual Charts and Graphs

Using charts and graphs is a great way to visualize data that can be used to see where deals are in the sales process.

Find out more about CRM Reporting

Lead Scoring

Rank your leads and determine which prospects are most likely to convert into customers. That way, you can better allocate your efforts and focus more on the leads that are most likely to close.

lead scoring
behaviour scoring

Behaviour Scoring

Identify the buying signals from leads and study their behaviors. Reward positive actions with a higher lead score and follow up actively on the qualified leads.

negative scoring

Negative Scoring

Use negative scoring to get rid of cold leads. For example, you may give points to your leads for positive behaviors and deduct points if they conduct poorly towards your business.

demographic scoring

Demographic Scoring

Score each lead on the demographic data like the person's occupation and what type of industry they work in, and then determine if they are worth pursuing.

Find out more about Lead Scoring

Performance Management

Assess and manage which aspects of the sales team are performing and which require improvement to guarantee that your team is functioning at its best.

performance management


Forecast the revenue based on deals in the pipeline, previous sales figures, quotas met, and bottlenecks. Increase your team's performance with real-time data.

territory management

Territory Management

Set up rules to assign accounts to regions, manage resources and make sure the correct individuals are working together from the start.

visual insights

Visual Insights

Convert reports to concise visualizations with interactive charts and other customizable layouts. Keep a close eye on your KPIs with visually convenient dashboards.

Find out more about Performance Management

Sales Management

Schedule all of your sales data, from any sort of item and over any time period, to see when consumers are most likely to buy your product and whether you're on track to fulfill your sales target.

sales management
lead assignment

Lead assignment

Create a set of rules to automate the process of assigning leads to your team members. Filter leads based on different criteria and assign them more efficiently.

sales notifications

Sales Notifications

Receive instant notifications of the latest social media trends or website visits so that your salespeople can have a notification to not miss any opportunities in real-time.

built-in telephony and emails

Built-in Telephony and Emails

Connect your sales management software to Email plugins and PBX systems to let your salespeople leave prospects an email after a call with relevant information.

Find out more about Sales Management

Sales Forecasting

Drill down into each deal to get an idea of the different phases that are in the forecast. Forecasting forward to future quarters, and tracking how each opportunity is progressing, will be key to success.

sales forecasting
forecast reports

Forecast Reports

Display potential revenue by expected close date so you can keep a pulse on your pipeline, plan ahead with a forecasting technique, course correct.

pipeline reports

Pipeline Reports

Gain insights into the sales trends in each stage and how they progress towards reaching quota. Having this data allows for more accurate forecasting and future planning.

flexible and intuitive

Flexible and Intuitive

Utilize your company's KPIs to create accurate forecasts. Analyze your KPIs to figure out how best practices can be scaled to improve them.

Find out more about Sales Forecasting

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