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Sell faster, better, and smarter.

  • Sell more effectively with a 360° view of contacts.

  • Effortlessly manage deals with visual sales pipelines.

  • Drive sales force efficiency with easily automated workflows.

  • Optimize strategies and tactics with smart analytics.

best crm software

Lead Management

Capture, nurture, and measure the likelihood of your leads becoming potential buyers. Ensure proper follow-up to guide them through the sales pipeline toward conversion.

lead management
lead creation

Lead Creation

Import leads from either a CSV file or by creating manually. View them in Kanban style to see the lead's progress and identify bottlenecks.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add Custom Fields to a lead based on the needs of a business. Customize the entries to suit your business's changing dynamics.

timeline views

Timeline Views

Display the date, time, and activity on a specific lead using Timeline functionality. Assist teams in keeping a tab on their progress.

create notes & tags

Create Notes & Tags

Add information to a lead, like documents and notes, categorize it with tags, and sort them as needed.

kanban view

Kanban View

Visualize your workflow to make it more understandable. Optimize productivity by identifying issues.

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Contact Management

Get a unified, comprehensive view of all your contacts and their activities. Build and nurture strong relationships, and manage their journey through the sales funnel toward conversion to close more deals.

contact management
add contacts

Add Contacts

Add contacts manually or import them via CSV upload or from other sources and categorize them accordingly.

detailed view

Detailed View

Gain a comprehensive overview of customers' contact information in various views, including list and grid views.

track activity history

Track Activity History

Glimpse everything about a contact in one place and get insight into their contact information, communication history, associated tags, etc.

export & import

Export & Import

Import or export 50,000 contact records through a CSV file.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to contacts to obtain all relevant information based on business needs. Add, Edit, or Delete them as per the requirement.

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Deal Management

Track and manage the progress of your deals with an intuitive, interactive pipeline visualization. Create multiple pipelines with relevant deal stages based on your needs.

deal management
manage & track

Manage & Track

Create multiple sales pipelines, each with its relevant milestones, to effortlessly cater to your needs. Empower your team to capture the progress of every deal.

product management

Product Management

Manage all the products related to a deal—set pricing for your products and the currency they are being sold.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Capture additional information related to deals. Add, edit, or delete the fields based on the business requirements.

360° views

360° Views

Offers greater flexibility for the user to track every deal perfectly with Grid, List, and Kanban views.

Find out more about Deal Management

Account Management

Get more strategic in your sales pursuits with an all-inclusive accounts view. Work collaboratively with your team to effectively manage key company accounts and their stakeholders, make rapid progress, and close more deals.

account management
account creation

Account Creation

Create a company record by manually entering the essential information, or upload 50,000 records automatically in CSV, XLS, and XLSX formats.

manage multiple accounts

Manage Multiple Accounts

Allow the sales team to manage multiple accounts by enabling them to add notes, tags, and tasks and update or delete the account.

bulk actions

Bulk Actions

Select the list you want to apply bulk options to execute the flow, export the list, or update any required action as per your needs.

saved filters

Saved Filters

Minimize repetitive or tedious tasks by using "Saved Filters," which memorize search fields on behalf of sales teams.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add a new field whenever you need to capture new input or edit the content of an existing field. Add, delete, and edit custom fields as per the changing business needs.

activity tracking

Activity Tracking

Facilitate sales teams to log and track all the activities related to the company, such as updates, calls, and emails.

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Sales Automation

Automate sales workflows—from repetitive, everyday tasks to complex business processes—with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Free up your time to make more sales.

sales automation
webhook triggers

Webhook Triggers

Send real-time data to third-party applications via webhooks when certain events or actions occur in your CRM.

drag-and-drop editor

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Create sales workflows with drag-and-drop editors. Use the visual workflow builder to create customized flows or select from the existing ones.

customized workflows

Customized Workflows

Change the workflows anytime to a flexible structure that is best for the requirements.

Find out more about Sales Automation

Sales Analytics

Bring your sales metrics to life with visual, interactive reports and dashboards. Gain insights into sales performance, forecast future sales, optimize your sales process, and make strategic decisions.

sales analytics


Get a comprehensive view of the sales process, from lead generation to revenue generation, in one place through centralized dashboards.



Obtain all reports related to CRM in the form of graphs and charts. These real-time reports can help you make informed decisions.



Refine the CRM data based on the selected dates and users to retrieve the relevant information.

Find out more about Sales Analytics

Document Management

Make the best use of the enhanced document functionality with which the recipients can easily save, tag and sort the documents.

document management
add documents

Add Documents

Attach a document to your dashboard detailing each contract negotiation with a particular company, contact, or deal.

multi-format support

Multi-Format Support

Upload and store documents in multiple supported formats, such as PNG, PDF, JPEG, and CSV.

preview & download

Preview & Download

Allow access to other users to preview and download the documents that are added to specific leads easily.

Find out more about Document Management

CRM Telephony

Elevate your customer relations to the next level with's cutting-edge telephony features. Simply click on the call button to stay in touch with your customers.

crm telephony


Connect with your contacts in a single click, making it incredibly simple to communicate and work together.

configure pbxplus

Configure PBXPlus

Integrate CRM software with your phone system to allow customer support executives to call and interact with customers.

outbound calls

Outbound Calls

Make phone calls directly from! Click the call icon to initiate a call while viewing your leads or contacts.

Find out more about CRM Telephony

Task Management

Create new tasks and assign them to team members. Sort the tasks based on priority, due date, owner, and status of the tasks.

task management
add tasks

Add Tasks

Add and assign tasks for various companies, leads, contacts and deals. Update the team about the tasks to be completed and track progress.

task priority

Task Priority

Prioritize the tasks based on the level of importance. Monitor the priority tasks assigned and complete them at the right time.

status check

Status Check

Monitor the status of your tasks and attend to them on time. Apply filters to view all overdue and high-priority tasks.

Find out more about Task Management

CRM Customizations

Modify and create custom views as needed to meet the business requirements. Custom fields, buttons, and layouts can collect varied information from prospects.

crm customizations
page layouts

Page Layouts

Use page layouts to get a good visual representation of the data that suits your needs. Get a clear understanding of how the team is progressing through a lead.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Customize the system with custom fields and also store information that doesn't fit into the standard modules and field offerings of

advanced filters

Advanced Filters

Create custom views and easily filter your CRM data to focus on the essential prospects or leads using the CRM customizations.

optional leads module

Optional Leads Module

Capture and maintain lead records as an optional module. It could be enabled or disabled as per business type

custom stages

Custom Stages

Customize your lead, contact, and deal stages to reflect the needs of different parts of your business.

Find out more about CRM Customizations

Email Integration

Connect with Email sender gateways such as SMTP, Gmail, SendGrid, and Amazon SES to sync customer data and send emails.

email integration


Connect your email inbox to Use merge fields to personalise emails with customer data to increase engagement and response rates.

email tracking

Email Tracking

Receive notifications when customers interact with your emails so you can follow up at the appropriate time.

leverage automation

Leverage Automation

Build an automated workflow to carry out the required activity each time a new contact, lead, or deal is created or modified.

Find out more about Email Integration

Pipeline Management

Customize your sales pipeline to meet the needs of your company, from lead capture to deal closure, simplifying customer engagement and sales.

pipeline management
custom stages

Custom Stages

Construct highly customizable sales pipelines based on the needs of your sales process to track each stage of the leads, deals, and contacts.

default stages

Default Stages

Comprised of system-generated default pipelines that include various stages of the sales process. Track the stages, identify the bottlenecks, and optimize the pipeline.

kanban board

Kanban Board

Allow users to visualize the stages of leads and deals in Kanban view. Helps teams track progress, prioritize tasks, and manage customer relationships.

Find out more about Pipeline Management

CRM Reporting

Track the progress of leads and deals in the sales funnel by analyzing and interpreting the CRM data with visual graphs and charts.

crm reporting
real-time data visualization

Real-time Data Visualization

Analyze CRM data in real time, allowing salespeople to follow leads, deals, contacts, companies, tasks, and tags.

funnel analysis

Funnel Analysis

Track the lead's progress through the sales process, highlighting areas for improvement. By analyzing each stage of the funnel, businesses can optimize their sales strategy to increase conversions and revenue.

visual charts and graphs

Visual Charts and Graphs

Use charts and graphs to visualize the stages of deals in the sales funnel.

Find out more about CRM Reporting

Lead Scoring

Rank your leads to determine the prospects most likely to convert. It enables users to focus on the leads with a higher rating, thus increasing conversions.

lead scoring
manual grading

Manual Grading

Assign scores to leads, contacts, and companies manually based on their likelihood to convert by tracking and grading their activities.

auto score

Auto Score

Grade the leads automatically based on the trigger actions such as subscriptions, engagement, and responses. Identify the most promising leads to prioritize the activities and increase conversions.

Find out more about Lead Scoring

Projectsly Integration

Enhance business processes and customer relationships by managing and tracking customer contacts, sales, and support requests.

projectsly integration
allocate tasks

Allocate Tasks

Create tasks and assign them to the right leads, contacts, and deals. Tasks will appear when viewing relevant leads, contacts, and deals.

prioritize tasks

Prioritize Tasks

Stay organized and focused by assigning priorities for the tasks that are important and keep tracking them.

check status

Check Status

Make sure the tasks are completed on time by tracking the status of overdue and high-priority tasks.

Find out more about Projectsly Integration

Chrome Extension

Access the CRM tool directly from the browser, assisting users in enhancing customer relationships and staying organized.

chrome extension
add crm extension

Add CRM Extension

Install and add the extension to your browser to stay in touch with your customers and manage your tasks, contacts, and deals directly from the Gmail.

track emails

Track Emails

Send, track and organize emails related to contacts or deals directly from the extension, allowing sales people to monitor their outreach efforts.

generate reports

Generate Reports

Track and analyze the real-time data of CRM, allowing salespeople to visualize and make informed decisions.

Find out more about Chrome Extension

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