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Lead Management

Capture, nurture and measure the likelihood of your leads becoming potential buyers. Ensure proper follow-up to guide them through the sales pipeline towards conversion.

lead management
lead generation

Lead Generation

Capture and maintain lead records either through web-to-lead forms or by importing data from an existing list.



Add tags to filter customers and companies the way you want and manage them accordingly.

import and export leads

Import and Export Leads

Import contacts in bulk to your CRM from any CSV. Filter, select and export contacts in bulk from your CRM to be used elsewhere - all just in a simple click.

lead scoring

Lead Scoring

Score and rank your leads based on a specific lead scoring model. Pass on the high quality leads to the sales reps for further engagement and better flow of the process.

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Contact Management

Get a single, holistic view of all your contacts and their activity. Build and nurture strong relationships and effectively manage their journey through the sales funnel towards conversion to close more deals.

contact management
360-degree view

360-degree View

See everything you want to know about a contact in one place. Get insight into their contact information, communication history, associated tags, star rating, etc.

activity history

Activity History

Get the timeline view of all activities to understand communication and make steps accordingly.

slice & dice

Slice & Dice

Apply advanced filters, get in-depth information, analyze database, edit contacts, and much more with the speed of light.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to retrieve and store more information to understand your contacts in deep.

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Account Management

Get more strategic in your sales pursuits with an all-inclusive accounts’ view. Work collaboratively with your team to effectively manage key company accounts and their stakeholders, make rapid progress, and close more deals.

account management
key accounts

Key Accounts

Get all the information you need to understand companies important to your business. Strategically target and engage with companies that matter to you, so you can successfully cover longer sales cycles and win bigger deals.

understand dynamics

Understand Dynamics

Understand the dynamics of decision-making teams at companies you're planning to do business with by better understanding the roles of their key contacts.

customizable data

Customizable Data

With custom company fields, capture unlimited dimensions of company information. Apply filters to manipulate the data and view it from various perspectives for different situations and viewpoints.

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Deals Management

With an intuitive, interactive pipeline visualization, easily track and manage the progress of your deals. Create multiple pipelines, each with its own relevant deal stages based on your needs.

deals management
track deals

Track Deals

Create multiple sales pipelines, each with its relevant milestones, to effortlessly cater to your needs. Empower your team to capture the progress of every deal including all the small and seemingly insignificant details effectiveness.



Stay organized and in control of your sales process with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Easily move deals across different stages of a sales pipeline by just dragging and dropping. Or use filters to quickly zero in on deals of interest.

lost-deal analysis

Lost-Deal Analysis

Collaborate, analyze, and record the reasons behind winning and losing specific deals. Set up custom loss reasons and analyze lost deals to understand what happened so you can optimize processes to improve your chances in the future.

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Sales Automation

Automate sales workflows—from repetitive, everyday tasks to complex business processes—with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Free up your time to make more sales.

sales automation
drag and drop

Drag and Drop

Automate complex sales workflows with just a few clicks. Drag and drop conditions and actions from the available options to the visual workflow builder. Use our CRM’s visual connectors feature to join them in the sequence you want.

customized workflows

Customized Workflows

Change your workflows anytime thanks to its flexible structure.

custom nodes

Custom Nodes

Create sophisticated workflows in minutes by selecting appropriate nodes, configuring their properties, and connecting them. Add and use custom nodes to suit the needs of your sales process.

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Sales Analytics

Bring your sales metrics to life with visual, interactive reports and dashboards. Gain insights into sales performance, forecast future sales, optimize your sales process, and make strategic decisions.

sales analytics
deals reports

Deals Reports

Keep tabs on incoming deals to ensure there’s a steady flow of new business. Actively monitor won and lost deals and analyze the specific reasons behind deals lost to understand what you can do to improve and streamline sales processes.

user reports

User Reports

Effortlessly keep track of your sales team’s daily activities across tasks, deals, events, contacts, documents, emails, and calls. Improve sales team performance and stay on top of what matters to you and your business.

sales forecast

Sales Forecast

Accurately forecast your future revenue based on your sales pipeline activity. Ex. the number and value of deals in the pipeline and the rate your sales reps close them. Know how your revenue is going to look in the future.

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