Intuitive CRM Customizations

to create custom views and fields

Integrate and customize CRM with your business processes to automate specific actions, collect information, and add features on-demand.

Intuitive CRM Customizations

Make the System Unique With CRM Customizations

Create & manage customizable features such as custom fields, buttons, and layouts to tailor the system

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page layouts

Page Layouts

Use the various page layouts, such as list, grid, and kanban, to get an excellent visual representation of the data.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Create data fields to capture additional information about leads, deals, companies, and contacts. Aids sales executives gain complete knowledge and enhance customer relationships.

advanced filters

Advanced Filters

Set the criteria and save fields to narrow down the search. Assists salespeople to identify the potential hot leads and follow up right away to boost conversions.

optional leads module

Optional Leads Module

Choose "Leads" as an optional module. Enable or disable the Leads module based on the business type and requirements.

custom stages

Custom Stages

Customize the stages of leads, contacts, and deals according to the requirements of the business.

What is CRM Customizations?

CRM Customization is the process of configuring CRM software to match the specific needs and processes of an organization. Customization can include modifications to the data fields, page layouts, workflow processes, reports, and even the user interface. This customization helps to ensure that the CRM software is able to efficiently manage customer relationships and capture key data points, empowering the organization to make more informed decisions.

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