Email Integration

To manage client emails effortlessly

Track customer communications in a single dashboard. Send and receive emails instantly, ensuring that all customer communication is centralized. Keep customers up to date on the latest deals and product information and grow relationships more effectively.

Email Integration

Take Customer Engagement to The Next Level

Utilize instantaneous email transmissions to save time and communicate with multiple clients at once

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gmail integration

Gmail Integration

Integrate Gmail account, and connect with customers effortlessly, store all the customer emails, questions, and fill-ins that are sent through this account. Use automation, Log conversation, and send customized messages right from the Software.

email templates

Email Templates

Create your email templates according to your criteria using simple text or HTML formatting. Then, you can send email notifications based on various events that you set up.

schedule emails

Schedule Emails

Schedule and mail automated emails at specific times based on prior interactions to prevent customers from missing important messages and keep them engaged.

email alerts

Email Alerts

Set up automated email alerts to never miss crucial messages from prospective buyers. Create custom email alerts based on the priority of the email.

What is CRM Email Integration?

CRM's Email Integration is the process of linking a customer's email account with their CRM account to automate the communication exchange between the customer and the business. This can be done by establishing a connection between both the email account and the CRM, and having the messages disseminating directly to the software.

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