Email Integration

To manage client emails effortlessly

Email integration connects with your inbox to trigger email campaigns, track open and engagement rates, and log information back into contact records.

Email Integration

Send, Manage, and Track Sales Email Integration from your CRM

Manage your sales teams’ email conversations, send effective outbound campaigns, and accelerate sales performance

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improve response rates

Improve Response Rates

Connect your email inbox with You can personalize emails with customer data to maximize engagement and get more responses.

email tracking

Email Tracking

Get notified when customers engage with your emails so you can follow up at the right time.

leverage automation

Leverage Automation

Automate outreach with ease using’s email templates to send responses from your own inbox.

What is CRM Email Integration?

CRM's Email Integration is the process of linking a customer's email account with their CRM account to automate the communication exchange between the customer and the business. This can be done by establishing a connection between both the email account and the CRM, and having the messages disseminating directly to the software.

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