Lead Management

to access and manage leads like never before

Record, track and manage leads captured from various websites and other sources. Automate the lead routing, create custom workflows, and assign leads to your team.

Lead Management

Drive More Sales with Lead Management

Monitor your leads and their information, and keep track of their timeline history in one place.

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lead creation

Lead Creation

Create leads manually or Import created list of leads in a CSV file format and capture leads from various sources like websites, phone calls, etc. Also, view the created leads in Kanban Style.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to a lead as per business needs. Add, delete, and edit options can be performed on the custom fields based on the changing requirements.

timeline views

Timeline Views

Get all the information like date, time, activity for a specific lead in the Timeline. This functionality helps the teams to get updates on a particular task or a project.

create notes & tags

Create Notes & Tags

Add additional information like notes and documents to a lead. Categorize the leads using the tags feature. And also, Filter the leads based on the information created.

kanban view

Kanban View

Visualize your workflow and make it more understandable. You can also identify any problematic work processes and improve team productivity.

What is Lead Management Software?

Lead management software manages the information and activities required for qualified leads to become customers. The goal of lead management software is to help companies convert their prospects into customers. This can be done by managing the information and activities involved in the process like creating forms, contact lists, follow-ups. Learn more about What is Lead Management

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