Virtual Meeting

to connect with your contacts

Schedule, manage, and host a virtual meeting with your customers or partners to deliver a product demo or to arrange a formal meeting at a mutually convenient time.

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Virtual Meeting

Experience a High-quality Video & Seamless Collaboration

End the hassle by directly connecting with your contacts

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configure 500conference

Configure 500Conference

Connect the CRM software to 500Conference to enable teams to hold video conferences and interact with current and prospective customers.

host meeting

Host Meeting

Share the invitation links with participants to enable businesses to collaborate and communicate directly with their partners and customers.

create rooms

Create Rooms

Set up virtual meeting rooms for video conferences, webinars, and online presentations, and allow participants to divide into smaller groups.

invite users

Invite Users

Share the invitation links or room links with participants via email or any other communication channel to invite them to the meeting.

What is Virtual Meeting ?

With the help of video conferencing software, sales representatives can conduct virtual meetings from anywhere, at any time. It enables sales reps to share presentations, screen-share, and hold discussions with their clients in real-time. This creates a more interactive and engaging experience for the clients, leading to more successful sales.

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