Sales Management Software

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Manage and track your sales, leads, and follow-ups with sales management. Gather data from your team members and compare their performance to see which leads have been profitable.

Sales Management Software

Streamline Activities with Sales Management

Increase team productivity and empower your salespeople to focus on closing deals

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lead assignment

Lead assignment

Define rules based on which leads are assigned to which representatives to automate the lead assignment process. Use flows to set up various criteria based on your industry's requirements.

sales notifications

Sales Notifications

Get instant notifications whenever someone visits your website, opens an email, or discusses your firm on social media, so your salespeople can stop guessing and seize opportunities in real-time.

built-in telephony and emails

Built-in Telephony and Emails

Connect your sales management software to Email plugins and PBX systems to let your salespeople call a prospect and leave them an Email with all the necessary information they gathered about the prospect in their call.

What is Sales Management?

Sales management is a complex process that includes many different activities, including planning, executing, and reporting. Sales managers make sure that all of the work in the company can be done in a timely manner. They have to solve any problems that come up in these areas, and they have to delegate tasks when necessary. They also need to know how to coach and develop their people in order to maximize performance.

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