Projectsly Integration

to manage multiple tasks at one point

Access customer data and project details in one place, assisting businesses to manage and track their customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Projectsly Integration

Streamline Your Project Management and Customer Relationships With Projectsly Integration

Effortlessly manage your sales tasks with our intuitive platform.

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allocate tasks

Allocate Tasks

Create tasks and assign them to appropriate leads, contacts, and deals. Tasks will appear when viewing relevant leads, contacts, and deals.

prioritize tasks

Prioritize Tasks

Set priorities for the tasks that are important and keep track of them, allowing teams to stay focused and organized.

check status

Check Status

Ensure the tasks are completed on time by checking the status of overdue and high-priority tasks.

What is Projectsly Integration?

Projectsly Integration allows users to sync their projects, milestones, tasks, and other project-related data with their CRM system. This also provides users with the ability to track the progress of their projects and tasks, assign tasks to team members, and generate reports for project performance.

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