Manage Tags

to organize and manage contacts

Improve your sales process with effective tags management in CRM software. Categorize and organize contacts, personalize communication, and generate data-driven insights for better business outcomes.

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Manage Tags

Track and Manage the Status of Contacts

Prioritize and focus your sales efforts on the most promising contacts

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creation of tags

Creation of Tags

Add your own tags and group contacts according to predetermined standards.

edit & delete tags

Edit & Delete Tags

To reflect changes in categorization, modify or remove existing tags.

filter and sort

Filter and Sort

Identify particular contact groups, sort or filter contacts based on the tags they have been assigned.

What is Manage Tags ?

Segregate contacts with tags in CRM software for better organization and categorization of the information stored in the system. By assigning tags to contacts, you can easily sort, filter and group them based on specific criteria, such as their industry, location, job title, or stage in the sales process.

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