Email Templates

to quickly craft and send emails

Allow sales reps to create personalized email templates for customer segments and send them emails, saving time and effort.

Email Templates

Maximize Your Customer Relations

Reach more customers quickly with email templates available in our CRM software.

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create templates

Create Templates

Create your own email templates and customize them based on the intention or message you want to convey, thereby expanding your business opportunities.

merge fields

Merge Fields

Personalize your emails with the recipient's name, organization, and designation to stand out from the competition and boost customer interaction.

html email template

HTML Email Template

Maintain brand consistency across all the emails by creating professional-looking and branded emails to contact customers, send offers or promotions, and notify users of upcoming events.

view reports

View Reports

Get detailed insights for a specific email template to find out which one suits you based on the number of opens and clicks.

clone templates

Clone Templates

Create a duplicate copy of an existing email template to save time while creating similar email templates.

What is Email Templates?

Email Templates in CRM software allow users to create, store, and access pre-written emails for quick and easy communication with customers or prospects. They are designed to help save time and ensure consistency when responding to customer inquiries, requests, or sales opportunities. They can include text, images, and links to other web pages, and can be personalized to include customer data.

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