Bulk Options

to efficiently manage your customer interactions

Allow sales teams to quickly and effectively set up and manage a large number of prospects or accounts, saving time and effort.

Bulk Options

Maximize Your Customer Engagement With Comprehensive Bulk Options

Empower your team with our user-friendly bulk options in CRM

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modify data

Modify Data

Make changes to multiple records at a time. Change the contact information for a group of customers or update the status of several leads.

export data

Export Data

Export a list of all customers or leads at once for use in external applications or data analysis.

delete records

Delete Records

Discard multiple records at once that are no longer relevant or duplicate customer records.



Add or remove tags from multiple records to make it easier to organize and sort them.

execute flows

Execute Flows

Choose the flow and apply it to multiple contacts to quickly perform specific actions.

What is Bulk Options ?

Bulk options allow sales representatives to perform mass actions on multiple records at once. For example, a sales representative may use bulk options to update the status of multiple deals, transfer accounts to another project.

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