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Deal management software to track, manage, and win more deals with the for growing business.

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Simple, modern deal management software

Effortlessly track, manage, and win more deals with state-of-the-art deal management features including visual, interactive sales pipelines, custom sales paths, and more.

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track deals

Track Deals

Create multiple sales pipelines, each with its unique deal stages, to cater to different markets, products, and sales processes. Get started with a default pipeline and add more based on your business needs, to capture the progress of each deal and all its unique characteristics.



Sales processes are complex. And so is deal management. Spare yourself and your team the pain of making time-consuming data updates each time a deal progresses. Hone in on deals of interest with powerful filters and save time by easily dragging and dropping a deal from one stage of the pipeline to another with our intuitive, visual sales pipeline view. Stay organized,agile and never miss an opportunity to close again.

lost-deal analysis

Lost-Deal Analysis

Understanding why deals are lost is one of the top factors in creating sustainable, high-value future revenue streams. With, easily set up custom loss reasons and analyze lost deals so you can always know what went wrong and what can be done to prevent it in the future.

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