Viewing Dashboard

Viewing Dashboard gives you insights on Total leads, contacts, deals closed, tasks, and tags You can also get the graphical representation of revenue by source, Contacts won and lost, Leads by source, and Stages of Deals.

CRM Software makes it easy to track and analyze sales performance by consolidating all of your sales, activity, and revenue performance indicators into one convenient location.

Director of sales:

Be familiar with your company's performance, opportunities, objectives, and activities in order to ensure progress is being made. Make certain that hot leads are given top priority.

Account managers:

You may use a CRM dashboard to examine the performance of a whole team, but you can also filter out and focus on individual performance. Representatives may use task management capabilities to manage the prospect lifecycle, monitor action items, and narrow down which leads require the most attention.

Sales development reps:

If you're in charge of prospecting or lead generation, a CRM dashboard is a great method to quantify your efforts. It may assist you in meeting your daily targets, maintaining your sales activity, and following up with prospects.


Business owners and CEOs may utilize CRMs to get a broad picture of sales revenues, sales performance, and critical KPIs.

Marketing managers:

CRM dashboards may be used by members of the marketing team to monitor how engaging their campaigns are and which pieces of content are resonating with prospects.

This allows you to track how well you're doing in each area and how well you're doing in each of the categories.