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This Video Explains the Use cases of It gives a brief explanation of business use cases and examples.

As the Director of Sales, helps you track the company's performance, opportunities, objectives, and activities.

As a Sales Manager, helps you to manage and track the entire sales campaigns for your product and services.

As a Sales Development Representative, helps you plan and follow up on your leads and deals.

As a Sales Manager, helps you automate mundane sales tasks by setting up workflows using our powerful nodes.

As a Customer Success Director, helps you track the status of the company's sales campaign as a whole using our Dashboard and detailed reports on each campaign.

As an Enterprise Sales Executive, helps you track and analyze every stage and step of the sales process to optimize your sales management.

As an Account Manager, helps examine the performance of a whole team. Account managers can use task management capabilities to manage the prospect lifecycle, monitor action items, and narrow down which leads need the most attention.

As an Marketing manager can use to track how engaging their campaigns are and which pieces of content are most effective.