App Integrations

App Integrations has various Integrations that allow you to bring your own email gateway provider. You can send emails for your sales campaign from using existing Gmail or SendGrid accounts. Connect the to your email service and CRM applications to start connecting with your leads.

The app's feature is used to connect to other programmes. Send customised emails directly from your CRM system using Gmail or Sendgrid integration. Integration with PBX allows users to make phone calls straight from the system. Integrate CRM apps so that data from other CRM programmes may be directly imported. provides two popular email service integrations for you to connect - Gmail and Sendgrid.

Integrate with popular CRM available in the list and you can add the caller's information to the CRM in just a few seconds. You can find the Apps on the Integrations Tab of

Select any of the Five popular CRM applications - Gmail, SendGrid, IMAP, Hubspot, AgileCRM and OnePageCRM.