Creating Leads

Creating Leads

This video showcases how can easily add leads through the leads tab.

The Leads tab is a crucial part of CRM software that is majorly responsible for increasing sales for any company that employs it. It automates and optimizes the customer acquisition process, contributing to CRM's main feature, customer interactions. In the Leads tab, you manage the first step in the customer generation process, which involves finding potential clients and converting them into Accounts, Contacts, or Opportunities. app allows you to add your leads directly to the application. Choose Leads and select add New Lead to begin entering the required customer information. Add lead information manually or import data using a CSV file using Lead Management

You can add information such as the customer's name, title, company, contact number, and email address. Include the address, street, city, state, zip code, and country. In addition, you can also add the network, source and social media URLs of the leads to interact with the clients with these media using the dropdown menu. Convert leads into customers using Lead Confidence Metrics. Filter leads based on name, email, score, star value, owner, updated date, and created date and find required leads instantly.

View leads in the list or Kanban view, from any view you can edit and delete a lead anytime. Manage customer information, edit details, make notes, add tasks, deals, related documents and invoices in the leads tab. Send emails and make calls.

Multi-select leads and update and edit details across all the leads, export contacts to spreadsheets and also execute a particular workflow for all these leads by clicking on the executed flow icon in the menu bar. You can view contacts in a list or Kanban view. also provides you with the option to import leads data from your other CRM applications. provides the next level of customization and helps you to save time.