Building Flows and Automation

Building Flows and Automation

In this video, learn how to set up flows and automation provides you with a way to automate the process of your redundant task. In the visual builder, there is a list of all-powerful nodes.

Higher productivity, dependability, availability, enhanced performance, and lower operating costs are all advantages of automated processes. The investment in automating your business processes pays off tremendously. The advantages of automated systems might be a compelling reason to improve service to your customers.

Automate your repetitive sales tasks using's Workflow Automation feature. Add tags, Star Rating, Set Property, Zap up features to simplify your sales tasks.

Tags in may be added manually or automatically using flows. Tags make it simple to sort, filter, segment, and target contacts with campaigns tailored to their individual interests and behaviours. Add /delete tags to contacts, companies, and deals.

Star Rating allows users to assign star ratings to entity entries. Rate specific entity on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Building flows can automate the process of assigning star ratings. You can set star ratings for leads, contacts, and companies.

Set property enables businesses to change the value of a specific property for Leads, Contacts, Companies or Deals easily.

Zap up is another powerful app under the Productivity category. Using this, you can set up triggers in the workflow To integrate with third-party applications.